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At WELLNESS HOTEL STEP, our top-notch specialists offer various massages, such as relaxation and exotic massages, Chinese pressure therapy, reflex foot therapy, and head and face massages. Thanks to two adjacent massage rooms, couples can enjoy a massage at the same time. Profession masseurs will welcome you to a fragrant massage room with dimed lights and pleasant relaxation music.

INFINIT Massages

  • Relaxation and regeneration massages
  • Peeling and special massages
  • Massages for pregnant women
  • Detox massages
  • Lymphatic massages
  • Chocolate massages
  • MFK massages

Our professionally trained staff will offer you specialised and exotic massages and special packages.
INFINIT Wellness Centrum reception:
Tel.: +420 296 786 313
Mobile: +420 739 500 234

Acantha Massages

  • Physiotherapy - rehabilitation
  • Medical and specialised massages
  • Luxurious relaxation massages
  • Wellness-beauty massages

Telephone: +420 777 920 028