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Aqua and sauna world

Aqua world

Our modern aqua world offers a swimming pool with three lanes, relaxing zone, infant pool, whirlpool and steam room with aromatic essences. In summer you can relax on our modern sunny terrace or enjoy the countryside, it is just up to you.

Indoor swimming pool is 25 metres long and 10 metres wide. You can use three swimming lanes of the depth from 1, 2 metre to 1, 6 metre or relaxing zone with massage jets, seats or massage spouts.

You can relax in whirlpool or in steam room with herbal and salt essence which has very positive effect on your body. After using the steam room, you can use cooling shower, so called tropical rain.

Sauna world

Sauna world offers five different sauna rooms. Believe or not, a few minutes spent in our saunas will boost your energy for several hours or days. We can highly recommend as we tried it ourselves.
You can cool your hot body in shower, ice or in outdoor icy pool.
There are two relaxing rooms for you to enjoy peace and quiet. One is inside the sauna world and the other in pergola on the terrace. Fireplace and new fresh bar help to create the right atmosphere. The indoor sauna bar offers refreshment, too.

Current pricelist and more information about our service of aqua and sauna worlds is available on website www.infinit.cz